What We Do

Run the Bases tackles gender inequality by delivering sport and education programmes to create opportunities for children and youth – on and off the field.

RTB was born out of an idea by former UCLA Softball Player, Tara Henry. To her, sport was about hard work, dedication, managing relationships and ultimately, winning. Whilst pursuing post-graduate education, Tara met Kelly Smith and Sebastian Cirillo at the University of Brighton. Through volunteering with Football 4 Peace (F4P) and studying values-based coaching they were all inspired to form a softball organisation that focused on life skills as well as community development. 

“Softball is such an inclusive sport. You can be any shape, size, gender, sexuality – anyone can play the game.” – Tara Henry  


We Teach Life Skills Through Sport

We believe in personal and social development programmes. Our coaches and community leaders work together to engage young people through softball. Healthy competition combined with life skills sessions offers a well-rounded approach to learning. Our games promote healthy discussion and reflection to allow the programme participants to learn from one another. To tackle gender inequality our methodology promotes co-existence between genders and communities.


We Develop Coaches

We train local coaches in our RTB methodology to promote change within their own communities. Each community is evaluated by our research team to understand their needs. Coaches have access to the RTB portal which provides support, further education, and a global community forum. 


We Connect Communities

Sport has the power to break down barriers. We give international coaches the opportunity to learn and grow in different coaching environments. It doesn’t stop there. Access to the RTB portal allows the community to grow and maintains a global support network. The expanding network ultimately promotes mutual understanding and respect between nations. Certified coaches can apply to work abroad to help grow the community and promote equality.


We Conduct Research

Data collected and analysed from our programs enables us to advocate on behalf of women through research-driven publications. Our advisory board consists of current sport-for-development specialist who use the data we collect in local communities to write contemporary journal articles. We believe this process is vital in raising awareness and shining a spotlight on the issue. 

How We Do It

Leadership - Respect - Communication - Inclusion